Well we actually will supply your company with just about anything. We have supplied companies with items such as furniture and racking, paints and chemicals (which we only have drop shipped direct from the manufacturers using your company freight accounts), as well as other high-end products which are outside the electronics arena.

We can be your one stop supplier. This allows your company to send us a large list of needed supplies, we will source and deliver on all products. The benefits to your company are:

1. Reduced labor costs. We do the sourcing and make all the calls to validate stock and pricing.

2. You will save by not having to register and pay for multiple search engine websites.

3. Consolidated billing ( we bill complete only, even if there are multiple shipments over several months to complete an order with varying lead times).

4. We consolidate multiple orders that are shipping to the same location. Each order is sub-packaged within a shipment for clear identification.

5. We work directly with your receiving teams to insure all pertinent information is clearly marked and visable to insure quick and accurate receipt.

6. And finally if your company is developing a proposal to bid on a contract, we will work with your purchasing and engineering teams to get you the most current pricing and lead times to help you prepare your proposals. You can send us all the component requirements and we will do the work for you. We do this in hopes of eventually receiving a future order from your company to assist in your projects. If you have specific budgets, we will work within your guidelines.

We can provide the following services:

1. We will be happy to advertise your excess surplus inventory on many of the component parts websites, which will save you both the cost of advertising as well as maintaining the excess inventory.

We will even perform a physical of your inventory in preparation of advertising the merchandise.

2. We will work on your request for quotes immediately. Absolutely no waiting. We confirm RFQ receipt immediately and begin the search process right away.

3. Will purchase and stock key inventory components for you at our facility. We accept blanket purchase orders with approvals required.

4. We will perform continued searches for extremely hard to find components, and let you know when stock becomes available.

5. We will work closely with your buyers as well as engineers to help develop price quotations necessary for government bids.

6. Forms of payment accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Amex, COD, and Net 30 upon approval.

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